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Metal Bonding


Metal bonding hot melt adhesive film is used to connect metals and has strong bonding strength. It has the characteristics of fast bonding speed and high efficiency.



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Detail Introduction

Traditionally polyurethane adhesives are commonly used for metal bonding. The problem with polyurethane adhesives is that they are slow to cure, often requiring a wait of several hours or a dozen hours for them to cure completely and form a reliable bond. Using hot melt adhesive films instead of polyurethane adhesives for metal bonding can improve the efficiency of metal bonding by taking advantage of the fast curing speed of hot melt adhesive films.

Commonly used hot melt adhesive films for metal bonding are PO hot melt adhesive film, PES hot melt adhesive film, and PA hot melt adhesive film. These types of hot melt adhesive films have relatively strong bonding strength to metal materials. But the specific characteristics also have a big difference, you need to choose according to the specific requirements of the material compound.

Shanghai Hengning New Material Co., Ltd. is engaged in the application of environmental protection hot melt adhesive products development research, with many years of industry service experience, if you have more related hot melt adhesive film application problems, or material bonding problems, you are welcome to consult us at any time.

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