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  • EVA Hot Melt Web Film
  • EVA Hot Melt Web Film
  • EVA Hot Melt Web Film
  • EVA Hot Melt Web Film

EVA Hot Melt Web Film

The EVA  hot melt web film,in the process of processing, no harmful solvent is added, but only the physical state of hot melt adhesive is changed. It inherits the characteristics of environmental protection, wide bonding range and fast bonding of hot melt adhesive. It can be applied to fabrics, leather, metal, plastic, microfiber, non-woven fabric, wood, paper...

Melting Point:80℃



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Brand Name HengNing
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.
Delivery Detail 10-25 Working Days.

Detail Introduction

Hot melt mesh film in the process, do not add harmful solvents, only change the physical state of the hot melt adhesive, inherit the characteristics of environmental protection, bonding a wide range of hot melt adhesive, bonding quickly, can be applied to fabrics, leather, metal, plastic, microfiber, non-woven, wood, paper ...... and other materials between the bonding, hot pressing process is simple, high peel strength, resistant to washing dry cleaning, product environmental protection and odorless, is a better choice for export-oriented products.

The use of hot melt mesh bonding is better than glue bonding is:

1. Eliminating the complicated process of glue application and related equipment.

2. The use of very fast, heating - cooling will be firmly adhered.

3. On textiles, leather, fabrics, glass fiber products bonding fastness better than the same price glue.

4. Environmental protection adhesive, no harm to the environment and human body.

5. No need to worry about bad glue control and glue seepage, the composite material is clean and tidy, no odor. glue

6. The bonded material after washing and dry cleaning does not fall off, no wrinkling, no blistering.


Main application areas:

Garment: garment door lapel, cuffs, hem, collar, foot opening, etc. pleated edges, smooth seams, belts, straps, shoulder pads fixed, etc., bonding of underwear fabrics.

Automobile: bonding of automobile headliner, carriage insulation floor, sound-absorbing board, seat ornaments, etc.

Material compound: bonding compound all kinds of textile fabrics, sponge, rubber foam, non-woven fabrics, paper, leather, aluminum foil .....

Other: furniture, wood, upholstery, and many other areas requiring bonding.

SeriesMaterialTypeWidth(mm)Weight(g/㎡)Melting Point(℃)Press Comdition
Adhesive RetinaPAHA12010-32005-15012010-30135-1401.5-3.0

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