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  • Black Adhesive Film

Black Adhesive Film


Black hot melt adhesive film is solid at normal temperature and has no viscosity, but it will melt at high temperature and has viscosity on both sides. It is an environmentally friendly adhesive.



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Detail Introduction

As we know, conventional hot melt adhesive film is usually milky white or colorless and transparent in appearance, so black hot melt adhesive film is actually black in appearance. It is generally used in some occasions where there is a special need for blackout.

1. How is black hot melt film made?

The color of a conventional hot melt film is generally the color of the raw material particles used to make the film, which are either colorless and transparent or milky white. In the field of polymer materials, people often use color masterbatch to adjust the color of finished plastics, the manufacture of black hot melt adhesive film is the use of this principle, in the manufacturing process of hot melt adhesive film, the use of black color masterbatch can have good compatibility with the raw materials of hot melt adhesive mixed into it, after mixing, you can make the appearance of black hot melt adhesive film.

2. Application of black hot melt adhesive film

The development and manufacture of hot melt adhesive film is based on its application needs, as adhesive products, usually do not need to have a unique color, so the conventional products are just the raw material color. However, in some textile applications, where the material being laminated is thin and there is a need for shading, the shading performance of the hot melt film is required, and black hot melt film products are created. >>How to customize hot melt films to meet customer needs?

As the needs of the material world continue to change, the properties, characteristics and forms of various composite materials are constantly being updated. In this process, as an adhesive supporting company, we also keep updating our product line with the development of the industry to provide convenience and value to our customers.

Black full blackout hot melt adhesive film for curtains and other industries with special requirements for light transmission. tbh130 hot melt adhesive film has good resistance to water washing super high bonding performance, etc.! Width, thickness and other specifications can be customized! Black hot melt film is also available!

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